Gotham Green Day

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As cold as it was here in NYC for the St Patrick's Day Parade, spirits were certainly warm and high!

My grateful thanks as ever to the many revelers who put up with my camera interruptus, among them -
Brendan, Ellen, Jimmy, Patrick, Raymond and Kerry, you were all great fun!

I am only sorry I didn't get a shot of Ellen's friend Neil, an NYPD cop in uniform who wanted to know
if I was working the beat as a drug dealer.  

"Looking like this?"  I wanted to know, feeling and looking not far from Granny Clampett-like status
in my puffy winter jacket and clumpy trainers etc.

"You would be surprised." He nodded and winked, knowingly . . . I think he thought he was just being 
funny, it was the day for it after all but he did give me a big farewell hug.  Or was that a pat down?

Hope you all had a good one!