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Taking 5 . . .

. . . . and maybe just a little more. I have never before done an official blog break – I have aimlessly wandered off the blogging reservation more than a few times… Continue reading

More snow . . .

Not the most original title but it’s the best I could come up with for now . . . . Out and about in the fresh snow of February with the forecast of… Continue reading

After the Rain

The high heat of a New York summer brews a swampy tension in the air, the deluge is out there somewhere just waiting to fall and when the bucket tips, the heavy rain… Continue reading

Gotham Green Day

As cold as it was here in NYC for the St Patrick’s Day Parade, spirits were certainly warm and high! My grateful thanks as ever to the many revelers who put up with… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Windows Through windows to a window beyond . . . .