A Long Day . . .

. . . for me but an even longer night for O’Bama.  First results have just come in from Kentucky where Rand Paul (R) has just defeated state Attorney General Jack Conway (D) in the Kentucky Senate race!

Time for mid-term trivia:  the only President in recent times to have not suffered mid-term setbacks was George Herbert Bush who was a one-term president.  So much for the stupidity of George W.

Talk-back on the radio today had one female voice whining about the incompetence of the Democrats and Obama who had promised CHANGE.  It had yet to happen for her and so she planned to vote Republican.  She was seriously vexed, as only someone from Queens could be.  And she would have to be a Mets fan . . . perfectly balanced with a chip on both shoulders.

Meanwhile, over in San Fran, the mood is one of delirious joy.  The parade, beloved of so many people who nurse their inner hometowns to hearts and flag, is due to go down Market St tomorrow and it will be straight out of central casting.

The Giants, with their first win since 1954, are a collection of ragtags and weirdos, self-confessed.  Hey, they play for San Francisco!  They did it, and they won.  Without Barry Bonds!  Tim Lincecum and Buster Posey, I wish only good things for you.  Stay true, stay sweet and stay away from tarts, bimbos and the NY Yankees.  The money is one thing but it is the game that counts!

Tomorrow, so far away for some, but the crew on MSNBC are talkin’ the talk and, sad person that I am, they are my best friends in times like these.  You go Rachel!  Maddow!