Last words . . .

. . .  on the mid-terms!  Sharron Angle, Linda McMahon and Christine O’Donnell are all yesterday’s news.  Let’s hope they stay there.

John Boehner (R), the new Speaker of the House, choked back tears as he spoke of the reality of his American Dream coming true (you just know there’s a dear dead dad in there somewhere).  He is famous for invoking the desire to return America to it’s true roots – that of  Leave it To Beaver.  Who doesn’t want to go back to Beaverland and be a Cleaver!!!

June Cleaver’s kitchen is to die for, as are the soft-furnishings in the sitting-room.  Ward, so dependable, reliable and deceptively manly behind his suit, relaxes in his armchair reading the paper whilst June sits nearby catching up on her darning.  Do they even have a television? Wally and the Beaver are upstairs brushing their teeth and this is always followed by a brief philosophical discourse on the day’s events and the lessons learned.

Meanwhile, next door at the Draper house, Don is coming home late at night from his hard day at the office.  Brooding Betty is pregnant, smoking and drinking in the kitchen – the black maid has been let go for the day but we know she will be back in that kitchen before the crack if dawn.  Sally, feeling lost, lonely and so not as pretty, or thin, as her mummy wants her daddy but she will have to wait a few years before going off to San Francisco with flowers in her hair to find him.  Bobby, oh Bobby, time is standing still, waiting for you to turn up later in Twin Peaks.  Quick, call the therapist!  Before someone gets hurt!

Nostalgia is such a selective and seductive beast . . .