Ready for Hillary?

Hillary Bus Stars and Stripes in chalk Fox  News Ready for Hillary Interview Hillary 2016 campaigner Hillary fan interviewed  Press question Hillary fan Run Hillary Run campaign bag Superman meets Hillary PIX network interview Hillary fan Cameraman on street Woman shooting form iPhone Toddler campaigner for Hillary Baby and Hillary Signed copy Hard Choices Hillary Clinton  Press covering Hillary Clinton Hard choices W.B Mason my copy Hard Choices The Hillary movement bus Looking ahead to Hard Choices  Inside Barnes and Noble, Hillary Clinton Hard Choices   Hard Choices books on shelves Hillary Clinton Hard Choices in red suit book launch 

The "Ready for Hillary" bus rolled into town today with the launch of Hillary Clinton's latest
book "Hard Choices" at the Union Square branch of Barnes & Noble.  But surely this is more than
a simple book launch, isn't it? As much as New Yorker's love to line up for things such as Cronuts
I suspect many in the waiting crowd - they began lining up as early as 2pm the day before, are 
waiting with longing for Hillary to crush some nuts, circa 2016.  

A New York day with all the local and many international networks out on the lam, gathering opinions
and photo ops to fashion in their form and, tonight in particular, the gap between left and right
just got that little bit wider with the this evening's Virginia Primary defeat of House Majority 
Leader Eric Cantor (Republican) to the Tea Party candidate, David Brat. 

But back to Barnes & Noble and the long line where bags and big cameras were surrendered to the 
Men in Black but phones permitted.  Hence the crappy arty pixellated fragments of the last shot of 
the woman in question who somehow has all the energy and will in the world to make some hard choices 

(All photos SOOC because I don't have Hillary's energy!)