Another day . . .

. . . another bar.  It is Friday evening and we are out at JFK waiting for our flight to London.  This is more than a departure from our usual routine for Friday evening in New York is usually Happy Hour at the Hi Life, a bar dash restaurant up on Second Ave @ 79th St.  Where to begin on tales from the Hi Life?

As an entirely innocent observer I remain in awe of how much detail certain people are willing to divulge.  One of the young waitresses, Tracie – she’s an actor but aren’t they all! – is a regular updater on the trials and tribulations of her dating life.  We give our advice but only because she asks for it.  We know she will never take a word of it.  So many weeks, so many different boyfriends – do they still call them boyfriends?  And always, her beautiful, bright smile glows with the hope that this one might be The One!

Another waitress is the delightful Sarah who is always so sweet and each week a blank wall.  Until . . . the invitation to see her perform down in Greenwich Village next month came out of her pocket.  Here is her web link, take a look and a listen.  You heard her here first and we look forward to the show.

Tracie wants to manage Sarah and I think they could do something wonderful together. Tracie performs a wonderful hula. And I know, that between the two of them, they will be looking after everyone at the Hi-Life tonight.

Have to go, flight has been called . . .