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April, Come She Will . . .

A murky spring day here in Gotham, such are the ups and downs of April . . . Stick an iPhone out the window and this is what you get, but, as ever,… Continue reading

Meet Sid!

I had the pleasure of meeting Sid not so long ago, down in that you know where part of town . . . Union Square. Not only was he on his way uptown,… Continue reading

Subway – Keeping it Fresh

What to say about NYC Subway moments . . . From fresh flowers to a feather in his cap. Jamie had packed up his guitar from playing Jimi Hendrix tracks on his usual… Continue reading

Sunday Morning

The dark of the dawn, a recent Sunday morning. East River. New York City. * * * * *

The Day After!

Crossing Third Avenue, catching the sunshine after the blizzard of the day before. What a difference a day makes, twenty-four little hours . . .

Such a Quiet Day. . .

It was such a quiet, bright day of crisp winter sunshine down in Union Square today – and a Friday at that! I thought I was hibernating – turns out I am not… Continue reading

Union Square Gotham

Here and there, now and then . . . . Union Square, New York City, one night in the when of whenever you want it to be. . . . . .

Meet Some People!

Meet D. and JD.  They drove all the way from Missouri, called by ConEd, to help with the Sandy clean up. What do they think of New York?  “It’s such a friendly place!”… Continue reading

Shelter from the Storm

* * * * *

Face to Face

Standing room only on the cross-town bus through the grit, grain and noise of the city. Another day, another play. . . . . .

Sliding Doors

  WARNING – BAD SHOT ALERT! So why bother posting it? There is so much talk about the mechanics and ethics of street photography what with rights and respect of privacy, the snatching… Continue reading

Here We Go Again Punks!

  Occupy Wall Street once again took to the streets of downtown Manhattan to celebrate the first year anniversary of addressing the financial and social problems wrought in recent times by certain banks… Continue reading

Peace Springs Eternal

September 17th 2012 marks the first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.    A variety of activities will take place in and around Wall St tomorrow. I took these shots, a few the… Continue reading

Gotham City Night Lights

      I have been busy reading so many interesting bits and bobs on the art of Street Photography and I have to tell you, I am overwhelmed . . . So… Continue reading

Iron Men

These young men are meeting each other for the first time.  Their first day of official employment after finishing university studies. They are waiting at the platform of an English railway station to… Continue reading