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Inside Out

Some recent snow shots, before winter fades/bursts into spring! Or what happens when you go from warm and dry inside to cold, wet, freezing snow on the outside. And makes its breathy way… Continue reading

Staying Focused

Fragments of sight and sound. Union Square. Friday afternoon NYC. * * * * *

Such a Quiet Day. . .

It was such a quiet, bright day of crisp winter sunshine down in Union Square today – and a Friday at that! I thought I was hibernating – turns out I am not… Continue reading

Union Square Gotham

Here and there, now and then . . . . Union Square, New York City, one night in the when of whenever you want it to be. . . . . .

Union Square Love Letter.

Union Square, NYC, Friday afternoon. Sunshine with the first of the season’s chill winds nipping through the air and the thrill of the completely unexpected waiting in the Square. One space, one simple… Continue reading

May Day Fun Day

May Day Fun Day I suppose I could start at the beginning but that was a long time ago.  You know when you have had a really long day of intense activity, and… Continue reading

Trayvon Martin Rally Union Square

Trayvon Martin Rally Union Square March 21st.  Union Square, New York City. 1,000,000 Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin.  17 yrs old.  Shot to death February 26  in Florida.  Found to be in possession of… Continue reading