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Urban Autumn

                          Scenes in the short space of time and place that is Union Square in the brilliant sunshine of an October… Continue reading

Sun Rush!

Sunshine!  Such a loaded word and, after the long cold winter, full of intent.  Time at last to get out and play.  Plus we know it’s going to be cold again tomorrow. Warm… Continue reading

Baby Rap

Hope he never stops dancing, and smiling! Night time at the end of the week, Union Square, 14th St Subway, where the shows never seem to stop.

Reach Out

and touch! Arlethia. The Lioness King of Gospel Music! Union Square, 14th Street. Best Show in Town! * * * * *

Having a Heat Wave!

Another muggy summer’s day here in Gotham with heavy clouds and rain. Temperatures are rising. Some days the rain falls in heavy bursts only to have all traces of it removed in moments… Continue reading

What’s Going On?

“What’s going on?” she asked me, this sweet woman down in Union Square the other day. I mentioned something about a street performance that a crowd had gathered to watch. She seemed almost… Continue reading

Summer in the City

A thoroughly original title “Summer in the City” NYC but as of the other day – June 21st, it is now official! The last warm, balmy days of spring were but a sweet… Continue reading

Happy Friday!

Hare Krishna singing and dancing, Union Square Friday night lights. * * * * *

High Bound Muscle

Always, there is something in the air down at Union Square and never more so than when nimble limbed bodies are throwing themselves around down there, up there. This is the un-cropped view… Continue reading

Kicking Back . . .

So many people come to New York City with exhausting lists of things to do, places to see, shows to catch. Restaurants, diners, cafes and bars to eat and drink at. Museums, galleries… Continue reading

Street Love

Known only by his street name but known to the many in the street families in and around NYC. All have their stories to tell. Union Square. * * * * *

Brilliant Colour

Torn between the shadows and light of black and white or the brilliance of colour . . . either way, her beauty turned more than a few heads in the recent spring sunshine… Continue reading

Off Broadway, with Matthew Silver!

I guess you had to be there . . . . Any performance from the great Matthew Silver is beyond my translation, but, give him the time of day and he will give… Continue reading

Street Party

Some people hear music and they just have to get up and dance! A shady corner in the brilliant spring sunshine of Union Square. * * * * *  

In The Hands of Grace

The silent magic of Grace and her crystal ball. Union Square. NYC. * * * * *