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DISTORTED Crystal clear . . . . . .  and distorted.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Photo Indulgence The indulgence of a quiet moment in the sunshine of a London summer Black and white Kodak film Once upon a time, to take a photograph was an indulgence.  Film, and… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

DOWN  From here, in downtown New York City . . . I can see up there, the cloud coming down. From up here, in the sunshine of  Los Angeles . . .  I… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Simple The beguiling simplicity of the desert . . . this is Roy’s, in the town of Amboy which was once a major stop along the old Route 66, through the spectacular Mojave… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

Peaceful . . .  Catching the last lift up coming down that mountain all the time and space in the world