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In The Hands of Grace

The silent magic of Grace and her crystal ball. Union Square. NYC. * * * * *

Spring, in the Big Apple!

Spring, it’s out there somewhere but not yet, not here in the Big Apple. The first day of spring and still there is talk of more snow showers to come later in the… Continue reading

Gotham Green Day

As cold as it was here in NYC for the St Patrick’s Day Parade, spirits were certainly warm and high! My grateful thanks as ever to the many revelers who put up with… Continue reading

Watching the River

These photos are from last week, when winter was getting set to fade away. . . . Snow is now falling again and such views have returned. Here in NYC the annual St… Continue reading

Inside Out

Some recent snow shots, before winter fades/bursts into spring! Or what happens when you go from warm and dry inside to cold, wet, freezing snow on the outside. And makes its breathy way… Continue reading

Staying Focused

Fragments of sight and sound. Union Square. Friday afternoon NYC. * * * * *

Sunday Morning

The dark of the dawn, a recent Sunday morning. East River. New York City. * * * * *

Abstract Reality

Some time ago the amazing and talented Terry S Amstutz, aka mobius faith imaging took a storm photograph of mine and blew life back into the scene, creating within the reality of the… Continue reading

This Time Last Week

We had a blizzard of fashion! New York Fashion Week troopers carried on in the teeth of last week’s snow storm as it blew into town creating its own palate of winter whimsy… Continue reading

Somewhere out there . . .

Today. Under the low cloud of fog and mist stretches the vast beyond of New York City. Somewhere out there is a blue sky but not here, not today and that’s OK. “Whispers… Continue reading

Union Square Gotham

Here and there, now and then . . . . Union Square, New York City, one night in the when of whenever you want it to be. . . . . .

Merry Christmas!

Apologies for the blurriness but I find night lights exciting and hypnotic, be they Christmas lights or otherwise, and what started out as a recent rainy night in Soho was no exception. The… Continue reading

On The Beach

                                                      Warm sunshine and a brilliant blue… Continue reading

Frozen Heights of Bitterness

  Snow finally came to Breckenridge this week after weeks of warmth, worry and woe as to what the season might hold for anyone keen enough to board a plank or two to… Continue reading

Washed Up!

I lost internet service for what seemed like forever which meant, however gladly/sadly, I managed to get a whole lot of other jobs done. This means I am way behind here with posts… Continue reading