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Here We Go Again Punks!

  Occupy Wall Street once again took to the streets of downtown Manhattan to celebrate the first year anniversary of addressing the financial and social problems wrought in recent times by certain banks… Continue reading

Peace Springs Eternal

September 17th 2012 marks the first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.    A variety of activities will take place in and around Wall St tomorrow. I took these shots, a few the… Continue reading

Gotham City Night Lights

      I have been busy reading so many interesting bits and bobs on the art of Street Photography and I have to tell you, I am overwhelmed . . . So… Continue reading

Getting About

Some time ago I was waiting in line at the bread counter to be served while this most aged man beside me pointed his shaky arthritic fingers at this loaf, then that loaf,… Continue reading

Baseball: NY Yankees v. Texas Rangers

from way up on high . . . Somewhere down there the NY Yankees are playing the Texas Rangers. This is as close as I get to the action that is Derek Jeter.… Continue reading

Window Shopping

It is years since I have taken any photographs using film. It felt like shooting in the dark and I can’t tell you how many times I looked down at the back of… Continue reading

Men on Madison

It might be hot in the city but these men are cool! I was rushing to an appointment (the dentist, if you must know . . . ) when I was most happily… Continue reading


“Chasing the light through endless tunnels for an answer to the never-ending question “Where are you from?”  Upon reflection, there are  times I hardly know where I am, let alone where I am… Continue reading

Street Party

West 4th St, West Village summer evening. The night Obama came to town and missed out on all the fun around the corner! From one step in a stoop, and all in less… Continue reading

Twilight Zone

Travelling the twilight zone of JFK   . . . .  ground control to Major Tom, can you hear me?


Today, on the East River in New York City with the hovering dark cloud and the delicious plum colours of threatening thunder towards the end of Today!

From A Bus Window

Some views inside the bus and outside the smeary window of the M15 going down 2nd Avenue on what was one of the hottest days this year.  Sunday.  Memorial Day.

One Day, One City

One Day, One City . . . . May morning in New York City. From fresh morning showers and flowers in Bryant Park to afternoon sunshine in Union Square all the way down… Continue reading

Gotham City Sunshine

Gotham City Sunshine Last week I took myself out into the early morning New York sunshine as it crept over the quiet, dark corners of Gotham.  The almost deserted streets in and around… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

Arranged New York fruit and vegetable vendor . . .   . . . view from upstairs window at Barnes & Noble on East 86th St. For a feast of arrangements visit http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/weekly-photo-challenge-arranged/