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Street Party

Some people hear music and they just have to get up and dance! A shady corner in the brilliant spring sunshine of Union Square. * * * * *  

Choose Your Adventure

Some after mid-night shots from the New York City Subway where the glare of a different light exists in the dark of the underground. There is a gritty sense of companionship on board… Continue reading

April, Come She Will . . .

A murky spring day here in Gotham, such are the ups and downs of April . . . Stick an iPhone out the window and this is what you get, but, as ever,… Continue reading

In The Hands of Grace

The silent magic of Grace and her crystal ball. Union Square. NYC. * * * * *

Subway – Keeping it Fresh

What to say about NYC Subway moments . . . From fresh flowers to a feather in his cap. Jamie had packed up his guitar from playing Jimi Hendrix tracks on his usual… Continue reading

Spring, in the Big Apple!

Spring, it’s out there somewhere but not yet, not here in the Big Apple. The first day of spring and still there is talk of more snow showers to come later in the… Continue reading

Gotham Green Day

As cold as it was here in NYC for the St Patrick’s Day Parade, spirits were certainly warm and high! My grateful thanks as ever to the many revelers who put up with… Continue reading

Staying Focused

Fragments of sight and sound. Union Square. Friday afternoon NYC. * * * * *

Shades of Sunday Morning

    You know those mornings when you wake up in the dark of the early hours, can’t get back to sleep but not sure what to do next? Then there are those… Continue reading

The Day After!

Crossing Third Avenue, catching the sunshine after the blizzard of the day before. What a difference a day makes, twenty-four little hours . . .

Such a Quiet Day. . .

It was such a quiet, bright day of crisp winter sunshine down in Union Square today – and a Friday at that! I thought I was hibernating – turns out I am not… Continue reading

Union Square Gotham

Here and there, now and then . . . . Union Square, New York City, one night in the when of whenever you want it to be. . . . . .

Where Am I?

Through a hole in the wall and lost to time . . .

Underground Hip-Hop Scene

Saturday, November 3. Not all the trains are back and running in NYC after Sandy blew through but enough are now running to ease some of the pressure. Today I went exploring downtown,… Continue reading

Power to the trees

Today was a day of so many sights around town. I often find myself overwhelmed at how to arrange the incredible assortment of images which hit in short bursts of time and space.… Continue reading