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After the Rain

The high heat of a New York summer brews a swampy tension in the air, the deluge is out there somewhere just waiting to fall and when the bucket tips, the heavy rain… Continue reading

Family, A Force of Nature

As many photographs as it is possible to take with a digital camera, I am always more than a little flummoxed at times as to how many to show in a post. Sometimes… Continue reading

Choose Your Adventure

Some after mid-night shots from the New York City Subway where the glare of a different light exists in the dark of the underground. There is a gritty sense of companionship on board… Continue reading

Subway – Keeping it Fresh

What to say about NYC Subway moments . . . From fresh flowers to a feather in his cap. Jamie had packed up his guitar from playing Jimi Hendrix tracks on his usual… Continue reading

Underground Hip-Hop Scene

Saturday, November 3. Not all the trains are back and running in NYC after Sandy blew through but enough are now running to ease some of the pressure. Today I went exploring downtown,… Continue reading

Face to Face

Standing room only on the cross-town bus through the grit, grain and noise of the city. Another day, another play. . . . . .