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English Summer

Greetings from under the heavy dark clouds of this English summer. No heatwave here! Happy 4th July to those waving the red, white and blue. Keep cool wherever you are! …

Pretzel Logic

Pretzel Logic Pretzel logic . . . absolutely nothing to do with Facebook buying Instagram for $! billion dollars  and for me to ask what logic has to do with such a value… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

Peaceful . . .  Catching the last lift up coming down that mountain all the time and space in the world

Blood Shed in Zuccotti Park

Blood Shed in Zuccotti Park It was a rough day down in Zuccotti Park today, the roughest I have witnessed so far.  For now, all I want to do is soak in a… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: UP

Going up.  Looking up.  World Trade Centre.  Rebuilding of Ground Zero.  New York City. Photo taken in the afternoon of 30 August, 2011. iPhone. . . . that we should ever forget.