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NYC on the Rocks

Originally posted on Monochromia:
Ice flow on the East River, NYC. ?

Black Night

Smoking stacks in the still of a cold dark night over the East River of NYC . . . .

Foggy Daze

and the foghorn sounded through the early morning, a comforting thick blanket of time over the city. East River morning views. New York City.

Harlem View

Heavy clouds sat over the city this week. They are not clouds of cool and very few refreshing breezes are whistling tunes through the trees. The humidity is high . . . No… Continue reading

Watching the River

These photos are from last week, when winter was getting set to fade away. . . . Snow is now falling again and such views have returned. Here in NYC the annual St… Continue reading

Somewhere out there . . .

Today. Under the low cloud of fog and mist stretches the vast beyond of New York City. Somewhere out there is a blue sky but not here, not today and that’s OK. “Whispers… Continue reading


Today, on the East River in New York City with the hovering dark cloud and the delicious plum colours of threatening thunder towards the end of Today!