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LA River Neighbourhood

  Finally made it to the base of the LA River where I had the pleasure of meeting Tyrone who has lived down there for years. He was busy this afternoon, doing some… Continue reading

LA Long Walk, Part 1

Want to come on a long walk through Los Angeles with me?   The following shots are what I refer to as my GoPro stills, feeling perhaps a little too trigger happy in… Continue reading

Downtown LA

Been away so long, or so it feels, and not quite sure where to pick up the thread . . . swapped some NY summer days for winter sunshine in Australia and now… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

DOWN  From here, in downtown New York City . . . I can see up there, the cloud coming down. From up here, in the sunshine of  Los Angeles . . .  I… Continue reading


Letting the pictures do the talking this time!