At the Diner

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Quiet time at the local diner.  NYC.

Empire State of Mind

In New York, Concrete jungle where dreams are made of There’s nothin’ you can’t do Now you’re in New York These streets will make you feel brand new Big lights will inspire you… Continue reading

Finish Monday

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Downtown somewhere, NYC.

Late Night

  Late night, late summer bright lights in the neighbourhood.

A Certain Glow

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Pointing the phone straight at the setting sun.  West Village.  NYC.

Folsom Street

      Not long back from a hectic time in San Francisco and now back to NYC where the weather has turned cold, wet and windy – perfect for hibernating in the… Continue reading

Some Other Time

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Where has the time all gone to Haven’t done half the things we want to Oh well, we’ll catch up some other time *** Music by Leonard Bernstein Lyrics…

Souvenir Copy

As seen in Times Square, NYC. September, 2015.

Photo Therapy

I recently returned from the fun and pleasure of a family event in London – the wedding of our son to his beautiful wife.  Part of the preparation involved getting together a selection… Continue reading

No Photos Please

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Pattirazzi down in Union Square, NYC, with some men in black.

Coney Sands and Surf

So many bright colours, so much bright sunshine. Summer scenes on the beach out at Coney Island, NYC.

Night Moves

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Black and white with bright lights of mayhem on a Saturday night in NYC when girls on a night out get caught in the fun of the NYPD holding…

San Francisco Postcards

iPhone shots from a recent journey across the San Francisco Bay on the high speed ferry to and from Larkspur. Sitting on prime waterfront real-estate is California’s oldest prison, San Quentin, which is… Continue reading

Summer Past

Phone photos of old photos, memories of an English summer many years ago. An old camera and film, no idea which brand of either. But fun days.

Kicking Back

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Cooling down and kicking back.  NYC streets of summer.