Norm, I Hardly Knew You But . . .

. . .  you have certainly left an impression. Once upon a time, a man named Norm ran a bar in San Francisco.  Popular rumour, one of many, has it that he ran… Continue reading

Meet Jackie . . .

. . .  my new friend. Yesterday, a pleasant afternoon here in San Francisco, I took to the streets of the Tenderloin where I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie.  Jackie was sitting… Continue reading

Elizabeth Taylor, RIP . . .

. . . but we know she will live forever up there on the big screen across which she blazed such a trail in the history of twentieth century cinema. Her death has… Continue reading


Another dirty day here in LA, the smog sits over the hills of Hollywood and soon we will be out of here and heading into the desert of Death Valley. I am simply… Continue reading

Running on Empty . . .

. . .  and the budget stalemate here in the US is only one issue dominating news here this week. Threatened with closure in Hawaii is the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre. The Government… Continue reading


Letting the pictures do the talking this time!

Such a Tease . . .

. . .  is Newt Gingrich.  Remember Newt? Former Speaker of the house, he is considering running as a candidate in the 2012 Presidential race. Announcing recently the launch of an “exploratory phase”… Continue reading

Time to Declare . . .

. . .  and, after many years of confusion, I have come to the conclusion I am NOT a Baby Boomer. Argument on this subject has raged for some time amongst certain contemporaries.… Continue reading

“Daddy Has A Problem . . . “

. . . admits the Rev Grant Storms, the New Orleans pastor arrested yesterday on obscenity charges. Married with four young children, he is not looking forward to having to explain to his children… Continue reading

Live from Hollywood . . .

. . .  or at least from the hotel in downtown Los Angeles watching the Oscars, live, in real time. Having arrived here from New York only a few hours ago I am… Continue reading

Feeding the Protest . . .

. . . and feeling the love all from the slice of a pizza!  The deadlock in Wisconsin continues and protestors inside the Capitol are doing their best in maintaining the rage against… Continue reading

Pay Day in Green Bay . . .

. . . and it is all happening in Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker (R) is trying to trim the state budget.  Madison, the state capital, is the place to be but Democrat state… Continue reading

Today I Bumped Into . . .

. . . Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Or rather, he bumped into me. I mumbled an “excuse me” and we did the two-step getting out of each other’s way shuffle – conducted in total silence on… Continue reading

On The Bus . . .

. . . with a blonde Betty Boop and the Valentine’s Day Blues. New York goes to town in a big way for the day of love. Flowers, chocolates, red hearts, pink hearts,… Continue reading

Feeling the Love . . .

. . . of rapturous fans is now a memory for the New York Giants and that wonderful day three years ago when Mayor Mike Bloomberg threw a ticker tape parade to celebrate… Continue reading