Weekly Photo Challenge Broken

Broken down in Rhyolite, Nevada . . .

Weekly Photo Challenge Colourful

Allow me to introduce the charming and most colourful gentleman that is Kenneth.  I was walking through the mens clothing section of a store in San Francisco when he caught my eye.  His… Continue reading

Hand Written Love Letter Blues

My fountain pen has been a part of my life for so long it feels like forever.  It travels with me.  It scratches snatches of thoughts across scraps of paper here, pages in… Continue reading

Hot and Steamy Here in the City

Some New Yorker’s de-camp to the Hampton’s, others to Cape Cod, to escape the heat of the city that is New York in summer. I go to the dentist.  Twice, this week! The… Continue reading

“Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot”

Hot Dog in New York City   and his owner cooling off in the shade of Tompkins Square, down in Alphabet City.

Michele Bachmann and My Minnesota Blues

Before Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann announced her intention to run for the Republican nomination in the 2012 Presidential campaign I came across the headlines Fresh Scrutiny as Bachmann Surges from the Washington Post.  But that… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned.  Such a state of mind. I could take a mug shot of myself and present a rather confronting picture of old and fashioned what with the facial lines and the lipstick… Continue reading

Calling Time on News of the World: Rupert Murdoch Talks, Rebekah Brooks Weeps.

Hacked to death.   After 167 years, time was called on Britain’s biggest-selling Sunday newspaper (unbelievable but true), the News of the World, by its owner, one Rupert Murdoch. The final edition goes out… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky

 Winter sunrise over the East River, New York, through a very dirty window.

Gay Pride, Living Happily Ever After in NYC

Wild celebrations are expected in New York today for the annual Gay Pride March  after the NY state legislature passing of same-sex marriage. Recently, reading the dramatic and interesting Boy: On Boys,  the following comment… Continue reading

Larry Page Ranking, or Google Juice To Go Please!

The world has now become a series of algorithms.  Writing, blogging, friends, anything and everything on the internet – it is all in the numbers. Once upon a time, when dreams were dreams… Continue reading

I Suck At Facebook

Why do I even bother?  I try, honestly I do with the Like Button, even going so far as to  Comment with true love and affection. But I don’t think I am meant for… Continue reading

Missing San Francisco

Sunshine San Francisco

What’s Not to Love About San Francisco?