Something Familiar About Chris and the Mitt . . .

Chris Christie endorses the Mitt! Ah, the good old days . . .    Never as long ago as we might suspect!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Protesting in Comfort! This from Occupy Wall Street today . . .     . . .  through a smudgy lens.  It was that kind of day!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Chasing the sun, the long wet road to sunset.   Somewhere on the I-80 from Lake Tahoe back to San Francisco . . .

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

Here in the magic mists of an early autumn morning in Devon, UK, where colour is slowly seeping into the countryside.  Leaves are curling, fading and falling to the ground as is the… Continue reading

Talking Twitter

It is good to talk.  Which is where Facebook and Twitter come in so handy, even if I am talking to myself all most of the time. Facebook, I have discussed before.  I suck.… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

Faces on the streets of New York. Making the scenes and working behind the scenes, beginning with road crew working at the back of the theatre where auditions for America’s Got Talent were… Continue reading

September 11, Keeping It Quiet

That the sun rises on another day is not only inevitable, sometimes it is a miracle. Ten years ago today the sun dropped from a bright blue New York sky, sinking into an… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

Trees and Stream In Yosemite.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

This time last week Hurricane Irene was on the way.  How much would the wind blow?  NYC went into lock down leaving us to sit indoors waiting in anticipation for the full fury… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: UP

Going up.  Looking up.  World Trade Centre.  Rebuilding of Ground Zero.  New York City. Photo taken in the afternoon of 30 August, 2011. iPhone. . . . that we should ever forget.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

I spent the last week in Los Angeles.  During an idle afternoon of sunshine at the fabulous Venice Beach I watched in awe as a group of young, and older, boys skated on… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Flowers are the reward for the hard and heavy work invested in gardening.  Nurtured from seeds planted in the dark depths of soil they bloom and grow, maybe even forever.  I think of the… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrances

Today we went down to South Park, the real thing in the Colorado Rockies.  Didn’t go looking for it, but here it is.  Many more shots to post later  but, for now, the… Continue reading

Speed Blogging through London Riots

I love pie, and I love biscuits.  Who doesn’t appreciate a custard cream with a cup of tea at that oh so particular time of the day?  Put it all together and you… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

Having grown up beside the sea, I came to mountains in later years whereupon I fell in love with all a mountainous landscape has to offer.  The peace, the quiet, the bliss of… Continue reading