Green Lights

A hot summer Sunday night in the city, Sixth Avenue. Protestors marching from Times Square to Harlem in the Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally/Protest. * * * * *

It Was Meant to be Peaceful

Until it wasn’t . . . What began as a peaceful protest at the news of George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the shooting of Trayvon Martin ended for some in being arrested. For nothing… Continue reading

On The Bus

  Taken on the M15 Bus in Harlem, Graduation Day. Signs congratulate the Class of 2013 and encourage them to . . . Go Out and Change the World! Some things however will… Continue reading

Outside Looking In

It is 4th July, fireworks are rumbling out there in the far distance and I should love to show you some spectacular shots but . . . that’s not going to happen. Instead… Continue reading

After the Rain

The high heat of a New York summer brews a swampy tension in the air, the deluge is out there somewhere just waiting to fall and when the bucket tips, the heavy rain… Continue reading

This One’s For Edie!

It has been a funny week, so far, for women but Edie Windsor, 83, finally managed to get the tables turned on DOMA – Defense of Marriage Act, when the Supreme Court ruled… Continue reading

Summer in the City

A thoroughly original title “Summer in the City” NYC but as of the other day – June 21st, it is now official! The last warm, balmy days of spring were but a sweet… Continue reading

Still Life . . .

. . . . in the fading light.

Happy Frank

Sorting through my photos (ie deleting, labelling, cropping and the like) I came across this shot of Frank which I took two years ago in a bar in the middle of nowhere Nevada.… Continue reading

Camden, It’s Coming Back Baby!

Greetings from Camden, NJ. Some of these shots were taken from inside a bus as it rumbled its way along the potholes of Broadway. Situated in South Jersey, Camden sits across the river… Continue reading

Vintage Metal

Who could resist the fun, the gloss, the trips down memory lane in these beauties! A recent collection of heavy metal in my continuing exploration of New Jersey car parks. With special thanks… Continue reading

Happy Friday!

Hare Krishna singing and dancing, Union Square Friday night lights. * * * * *

New Jersey Car Parks

Silver linings almost everywhere! Views from hotel rooms over looking car parks in the deep south of New Jersey where I have recently been spending time. Not much more to say really .… Continue reading

Family, A Force of Nature

As many photographs as it is possible to take with a digital camera, I am always more than a little flummoxed at times as to how many to show in a post. Sometimes… Continue reading

High Bound Muscle

Always, there is something in the air down at Union Square and never more so than when nimble limbed bodies are throwing themselves around down there, up there. This is the un-cropped view… Continue reading