Unity for Justice

The UN General Assembly met today in New York with both the US President Barack Obama and the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani giving speeches. In nearby Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza protestors gathered to denounce… Continue reading

Sweet Mary Kay

New Yorkers love their dogs! They take their pooches everywhere, on leashes and in pouches. To the park, to doggy-daycare and to the beauty parlour where they are shampooed, primped and primed to… Continue reading

Goodnight Harlem

Goodnight Harlem and goodnight to summer. The heat, the streets, the people, so many stories to tell . . . * * * * *

Soho Seconds

Waiting on a street corner down in Soho for the lights to change. Sandwiched between two sets of colourful young women with the young man in black waiting with hands full on the… Continue reading

Early in the morning

Early in the morning I can’t do right had a little fight with my baby last night and I ‘aint got nothing but the blues . . . I went to Dooky Chase… Continue reading

Reach Out

and touch! Arlethia. The Lioness King of Gospel Music! Union Square, 14th Street. Best Show in Town! * * * * *

Night Shades

We think we see so clearly what it is in front of us yet it all passes by in such a blur. I am the one without focus. The blur is mine. *… Continue reading

Electric Blue

As the summer sun slowly fades into pending autumn mists . . . . . . always a good idea to make the most of it! Wishing you all a wonderful week-end, wherever… Continue reading

The Spirit Bus to Washington

Saturday August 24th, 2013, thousands gathered in Washington to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, to celebrate and continue the work inspired by Dr Martin Luther King’s call to the… Continue reading

Having a Heat Wave!

Another muggy summer’s day here in Gotham with heavy clouds and rain. Temperatures are rising. Some days the rain falls in heavy bursts only to have all traces of it removed in moments… Continue reading

What’s Going On?

“What’s going on?” she asked me, this sweet woman down in Union Square the other day. I mentioned something about a street performance that a crowd had gathered to watch. She seemed almost… Continue reading

Harlem View

Heavy clouds sat over the city this week. They are not clouds of cool and very few refreshing breezes are whistling tunes through the trees. The humidity is high . . . No… Continue reading

Talking Street

Sometimes when I am tired, worn out and feeling like I need a little more torture to make it all worth the misery, I fall into an internet funk where I find myself… Continue reading

Summer Friday Afternoon

A hot Friday afternoon straight out of camera in Bryant Park looking over to Sixth Avenue and 42nd St. Still summer, still life. * * * * *

Romeo in Detroit

Last year I went to Detroit. Romeo was the first person I met there. He lives in this building, an old trucking depot on Michigan Ave which once belonged to his grandparents. He… Continue reading