Fairytale of New York

              Those hard, cold mean streets of NYC and what they can do to people . . . . Happy Festivus everyone!    

Beer, Soda, Ice Cream

. . . . and snow in the night light delights of Mott St where I never go without hearing the lyrics of Cole Porter Lorenz Hart asking the question – “and tell… Continue reading

Biting Snow

A big thank you to the lovely Leo & Rob above for the hand warmers! A bitterly cold day took hold of the city yesterday but that didn’t stop the Santa crowd from… Continue reading

Willets Point Wonderland

Greetings from a cold snowy day in NYC! Willets Point, in Queens, is a famous 62 (!) acre NYC treasure trove for spare parts for cars. You name it, they have it out… Continue reading

Baby Rap

Hope he never stops dancing, and smiling! Night time at the end of the week, Union Square, 14th St Subway, where the shows never seem to stop.

Foggy Daze

and the foghorn sounded through the early morning, a comforting thick blanket of time over the city. East River morning views. New York City.

Zoning Out

Zoning out with a dose of Blue Friday. Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving, (surely it’s not so last year already, is it . . .?) and best week-end wishes to all!


Disappearing into the crowd . . .

Rest in Power

It was well known that 5 Pointz wasn’t going to be around forever but that didn’t stop people from hoping that maybe landmark status, heritage listing, or whatever it takes, might save the… Continue reading

Under The Hammer

Tonight, here in NYC at Sotheby’s, a whole load of contemporary art is going under the hammer while last night’s sales at Christie’s brought in a new high when Francis Bacon’s Triptych, keenly… Continue reading

I Wore Levi’s . . .

Halloween hit the streets of the Big Apple big time the other night which made a change from this time last year when Hurricane Sandy hit where it. Big time. Somewhere in this… Continue reading

Tripping the NY Night Fantastic . . .

A snatch and grab of random shots taken on a recent night out, tripping along Houston Street to wait for the bus which never came. Mr Kuche doesn’t like to hang around too… Continue reading

Life Itself

On the set of “Life Itself” starring . . . Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman, neither of whom looked to be getting on that well at all . . . but then the… Continue reading

Sorting It Out

  More than a few times I read posts written by expert photographers who, when visiting New York, find themselves in a bit of a conundrum – how to take photos of New… Continue reading

Swing Your Partner

At Byrant Park this week a summer blow-out to a blur of bright-lights, music and . . . Square Dancing! Difficult to escape the bright lights and colour but you wouldn’t have been… Continue reading