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Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Winter Winter, such a challenge! Particularly when it seizes the landscape in the dark of the night with winds which whip and roar, bringing snow, ice, heavy cloud and freezing cold. Personally, I… Continue reading

Hand Written Love Letter Blues

My fountain pen has been a part of my life for so long it feels like forever.  It travels with me.  It scratches snatches of thoughts across scraps of paper here, pages in… Continue reading

Larry Page Ranking, or Google Juice To Go Please!

The world has now become a series of algorithms.  Writing, blogging, friends, anything and everything on the internet – it is all in the numbers. Once upon a time, when dreams were dreams… Continue reading

The People You Meet

Or rather, the people who meet you. Stepping out yesterday a gentleman stopped me in the street.  He had a mobile telephone to his ear and I assumed his stopping me with an “excuse… Continue reading

Closing Borders

Did coffee kill the big book store? Once upon a time, book stores sold books.  Wall to wall, floor to ceiling, the latest hard-backs sat primed at the front with their luscious glossy covers,… Continue reading

Letters from a Broad . . .

. . . about people and places and as such I dedicate it to each and every one of us who gets out of bed and through the day! Wherever you are, wherever… Continue reading