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High Plains Kansas

  Road tripping shots from the High Plains of south-west Kansas.  My most grateful thanks to generous friends, old and new, for their wonderful hospitality and the opportunity to catch up with them… Continue reading

Colorado Chilling

A quick snatch of shots from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Freezing cold, plenty of snow, slow slow internet but so much time for wandering.

Drive by Thunder

                California’s Central Valley with just what it needs most – heavy rain. We did a recent road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco and… Continue reading

Road Trip Vortex

Through the Holland Tunnel from New Jersey to NYC, the end of a long, long road . . . one of those times you’re not sure if you are coming or going but… Continue reading

Road Tripping USA

Or what happened when a recent flight from Denver to NYC was cancelled because yet another blizzard was due to hit the north-east of the USA. The next available flight was not available… Continue reading

The Spirit Bus to Washington

Saturday August 24th, 2013, thousands gathered in Washington to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, to celebrate and continue the work inspired by Dr Martin Luther King’s call to the… Continue reading

Happy Frank

Sorting through my photos (ie deleting, labelling, cropping and the like) I came across this shot of Frank which I took two years ago in a bar in the middle of nowhere Nevada.… Continue reading

Rockaway, Six Months After Sandy

The middle of a grey May day out in Rockaway . . . . . . . . . .

Sunrise over America

  or, a room with a view! Good morning America from a hotel room in New Jersey, stranded in an armpit between expressways and roadways in every direction Car parks and a Greyhound… Continue reading

Clouds over Colorado

The sound of silence . . .

Downtown Detroit

Downtown Detroit Day 1 . . .  We were  in Detroit this week-end and it was there I fell in love.  With Detroit. Who knew that in the first hour or so I… Continue reading

Journey through time

Journey Through Time Not so long ago we drove from LAX across California to the Mojave Desert.  With a vague notion as to which direction we needed to go and knowing we had… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Simple The beguiling simplicity of the desert . . . this is Roy’s, in the town of Amboy which was once a major stop along the old Route 66, through the spectacular Mojave… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Chasing the sun, the long wet road to sunset.   Somewhere on the I-80 from Lake Tahoe back to San Francisco . . .

Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

Trees and Stream In Yosemite.