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Time Out

In the depths of the dark Devon woods. Dartmoor summer.

Summer Past

Phone photos of old photos, memories of an English summer many years ago. An old camera and film, no idea which brand of either. But fun days.

Frost Bite

  Still hanging on . . . Late to the party but Happy New Year wishes to you all!

Under the Shadows

Under the shadows of filthy weather in the splendid isolation of an early morning on Dartmoor. Shifting clouds and occasional shafts of light provide an ever changing shift in the drama that is… Continue reading

The Long Walk

The winter sun across Dartmoor.

Still Life . . .

. . . . in the fading light.

Winter Shades of Dartmoor

Wild, wet Dartmoor . . . where battering winds bring shades of sun, heavy cloud and fine bullets of icy rain in sweeping shifts of primeval restlessness. Greetings from Cosdon Beacon and Happy… Continue reading

Iron Men

These young men are meeting each other for the first time.  Their first day of official employment after finishing university studies. They are waiting at the platform of an English railway station to… Continue reading

English Summer Hues 2

The fast changing landscape of an English sky. In summer. You want flowers? You have to have showers! …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Through the harbour, Edinburgh. For more through views visit the WP Weekly Photo Challenge!

Speed Blogging through London Riots

I love pie, and I love biscuits.  Who doesn’t appreciate a custard cream with a cup of tea at that oh so particular time of the day?  Put it all together and you… Continue reading

Calling Time on News of the World: Rupert Murdoch Talks, Rebekah Brooks Weeps.

Hacked to death.   After 167 years, time was called on Britain’s biggest-selling Sunday newspaper (unbelievable but true), the News of the World, by its owner, one Rupert Murdoch. The final edition goes out… Continue reading

Wedding Bells . . .

. . . will soon ring out in celebration of the union of Prince William and his bride, Catherine.  It feels almost as though, standing there together, about to take their vows, she… Continue reading

A Certain Wedding . . .

Last week, domestic goddess Nigella Lawson made a magnificent splash in the warm waters of Bondi Beach. Wearing a burkini. Photos of her appeared all over the front pages of  the UK dailies and… Continue reading

Bluebells, Blossom and Birdsong . . .

Here in the sun under a cloudless blue sky in Devon, bluebells, blossom and birdsong are the orders of the day.  As is taking barefoot pleasure in the green grass of home.  The… Continue reading