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Shelter from the Storm

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Power to the trees

Today was a day of so many sights around town. I often find myself overwhelmed at how to arrange the incredible assortment of images which hit in short bursts of time and space.… Continue reading

Waiting for Sandy . . .

What to say?  At the moment it is eerily quiet, the view is disappearing and the East River is rising. The FDR, six lanes of expressway, is closed to traffic apart from NYPD… Continue reading

Face to Face

Standing room only on the cross-town bus through the grit, grain and noise of the city. Another day, another play. . . . . .

Union Square Love Letter.

Union Square, NYC, Friday afternoon. Sunshine with the first of the season’s chill winds nipping through the air and the thrill of the completely unexpected waiting in the Square. One space, one simple… Continue reading

Do you take this photographer . . . ?

For better or worse, I present my . . . Wedding Portfolio! Only kidding! Central Park sunshine afternoon amidst the shade and shadows of love’s bright lights. May they live happily ever after.… Continue reading

Sliding Doors

  WARNING – BAD SHOT ALERT! So why bother posting it? There is so much talk about the mechanics and ethics of street photography what with rights and respect of privacy, the snatching… Continue reading

Gotham City Night Lights

      I have been busy reading so many interesting bits and bobs on the art of Street Photography and I have to tell you, I am overwhelmed . . . So… Continue reading

Getting About

Some time ago I was waiting in line at the bread counter to be served while this most aged man beside me pointed his shaky arthritic fingers at this loaf, then that loaf,… Continue reading

Window Shopping

It is years since I have taken any photographs using film. It felt like shooting in the dark and I can’t tell you how many times I looked down at the back of… Continue reading

Shooting Hoops in NYC

Summer Saturday afternoon in the city. Not Madison Square Gardens but just as good if not better! Down on the corner of Sixth Avenue and West 4th St crowds gather to watch local… Continue reading

L.A. Retro

Or, as could be re-titled, I went to LA and found the Dude! But that was last year. Here now in the high summer heat of New York City I have been hit… Continue reading

Men on Madison

It might be hot in the city but these men are cool! I was rushing to an appointment (the dentist, if you must know . . . ) when I was most happily… Continue reading

Fleeting . . .

As fleeting as love may be  . . .         it’s all around us!

American Woman

New York City is full of fabulous women of a certain age who let their hair go grey and grow long. They don’t have cosmetic surgery, they don’t put their make-up away and… Continue reading