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Street Love

Known only by his street name but known to the many in the street families in and around NYC. All have their stories to tell. Union Square. * * * * *

Morning in the Canyons

Some early morning quiet in the sunshine of a Manhattan morning. Before the crowds . . . * * * * *

Off Broadway, with Matthew Silver!

I guess you had to be there . . . . Any performance from the great Matthew Silver is beyond my translation, but, give him the time of day and he will give… Continue reading

Street Party

Some people hear music and they just have to get up and dance! A shady corner in the brilliant spring sunshine of Union Square. * * * * *  

Meet Sid!

I had the pleasure of meeting Sid not so long ago, down in that you know where part of town . . . Union Square. Not only was he on his way uptown,… Continue reading

Inside Out

Some recent snow shots, before winter fades/bursts into spring! Or what happens when you go from warm and dry inside to cold, wet, freezing snow on the outside. And makes its breathy way… Continue reading

Shades of Sunday Morning

    You know those mornings when you wake up in the dark of the early hours, can’t get back to sleep but not sure what to do next? Then there are those… Continue reading

This Time Last Week

We had a blizzard of fashion! New York Fashion Week troopers carried on in the teeth of last week’s snow storm as it blew into town creating its own palate of winter whimsy… Continue reading

Such a Quiet Day. . .

It was such a quiet, bright day of crisp winter sunshine down in Union Square today – and a Friday at that! I thought I was hibernating – turns out I am not… Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Apologies for the blurriness but I find night lights exciting and hypnotic, be they Christmas lights or otherwise, and what started out as a recent rainy night in Soho was no exception. The… Continue reading

I was here . . .

After the recent election I posted Word on the Street, a photograph I took in the late summer of 2010. I thought it a particularly stunning work of graffiti art – I loved… Continue reading

Here’s Looking At You!

What to say? Go on, go for it! New York street scene just the other day.

Word on the Street

From the Archive: Downtown in Alphabet City. SI SE PUEDE!

Downtown Reflections

Snapshots and reflections from downtown Wall Street where the clean up from Sandy is going to take some time. I have so many photos from just a few hours down there, these are… Continue reading

Underground Hip-Hop Scene

Saturday, November 3. Not all the trains are back and running in NYC after Sandy blew through but enough are now running to ease some of the pressure. Today I went exploring downtown,… Continue reading