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Colour Bombs

Some shouts of colour from the streets of New York. I had intended to write a small photo essay on the comparative differences between colour and B&W photography but that shall have to… Continue reading

Hard Rain

        It was one of those days, warm with intent, which turned into one of those nights when the lashing rain fell hard and for what felt like forever. Which… Continue reading

Hotel Chelsea

Giving the Chelsea girls their due.

NY-London Daze of Confusion

Photography is such a moody business. From spring sunshine in New York and Mad Men on 9th Ave who don’t bat an eyelid to a prickly punk giving me the finger in London… Continue reading

Take-Out Service

At home in the diner cone of illuminated silence . . . .

Taking 5 . . .

. . . . and maybe just a little more. I have never before done an official blog break – I have aimlessly wandered off the blogging reservation more than a few times… Continue reading

Tunnel Vision

The end of a long day . . . . I could have taken the train but something about the fresh night air with the light rain made the twenty-block walk feel more… Continue reading

A Grand Day

Liam and I somehow got into conversation about what a beautiful day it was.  I asked him if he lived here in the city. Why sure, he replied, he has a grand little… Continue reading

Sun Rush!

Sunshine!  Such a loaded word and, after the long cold winter, full of intent.  Time at last to get out and play.  Plus we know it’s going to be cold again tomorrow. Warm… Continue reading

The Harlem Hood

Walking through Harlem a week or so ago – somehow that has become the measure of time for me lately, the weeks or so that collide into months and years, I had the… Continue reading

Full Metal Jacket

The cutting edge of fashion as seen at the recent New York Fashion Week.

Ready, Willing & Able

  It was a bitterly cold day today.  Snow sits in dirty clumps of stiff ice with another snow storm coming in over night . . . .

More snow . . .

Not the most original title but it’s the best I could come up with for now . . . . Out and about in the fresh snow of February with the forecast of… Continue reading


Back to New York after some time out on the road (another long story . . .) and the drama whereby newly elected Mayor Bill de Blasio (Democrat) is getting flak for not… Continue reading

Fairytale of New York

              Those hard, cold mean streets of NYC and what they can do to people . . . . Happy Festivus everyone!