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Elizabeth Taylor, RIP . . .

. . . but we know she will live forever up there on the big screen across which she blazed such a trail in the history of twentieth century cinema. Her death has… Continue reading

Live from Hollywood . . .

. . .  or at least from the hotel in downtown Los Angeles watching the Oscars, live, in real time. Having arrived here from New York only a few hours ago I am… Continue reading

Today I Bumped Into . . .

. . . Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Or rather, he bumped into me. I mumbled an “excuse me” and we did the two-step getting out of each other’s way shuffle – conducted in total silence on… Continue reading

People Who Live in Glass Houses . . .

. . . should not wander about naked looking for their underwear. Yes, we all do it but here in New York it can be a little more public and, as often as it… Continue reading