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Harlem Sunset Lines

Originally posted on Monochromia:
Harlem sunset . . . . NYC.

Back in the Blizzard

      Some more shots from the recent January blizzard.  Starting in Manhattan (pic #1) I took the subway up to Mott Haven (pics 2-7) from where I walked back across the… Continue reading

Around the Corner

  Colour in the streets of NYC with some of the soft white stuff in free fall.                                … Continue reading

Harlem Snow Fall

Some Harlem snow scenes from this week’s blizzard that didn’t. (Late Edit – early stages of impending blizzard.)

The Harlem Hood

Walking through Harlem a week or so ago – somehow that has become the measure of time for me lately, the weeks or so that collide into months and years, I had the… Continue reading

Goodnight Harlem

Goodnight Harlem and goodnight to summer. The heat, the streets, the people, so many stories to tell . . . * * * * *

Harlem View

Heavy clouds sat over the city this week. They are not clouds of cool and very few refreshing breezes are whistling tunes through the trees. The humidity is high . . . No… Continue reading