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Rockaway, Six Months After Sandy

The middle of a grey May day out in Rockaway . . . . . . . . . .

On The Beach

                                                      Warm sunshine and a brilliant blue… Continue reading

Washed Up!

I lost internet service for what seemed like forever which meant, however gladly/sadly, I managed to get a whole lot of other jobs done. This means I am way behind here with posts… Continue reading

Rockaway Sands

My last visit to Rockaway was in summer, when the sun shone over a boardwalk stretching forever into the rising light of day. Super Storm Sandy blew it away. The streets of Rockaway,… Continue reading

Meet Some People!

Meet D. and JD.  They drove all the way from Missouri, called by ConEd, to help with the Sandy clean up. What do they think of New York?  “It’s such a friendly place!”… Continue reading

Downtown Reflections

Snapshots and reflections from downtown Wall Street where the clean up from Sandy is going to take some time. I have so many photos from just a few hours down there, these are… Continue reading

Underground Hip-Hop Scene

Saturday, November 3. Not all the trains are back and running in NYC after Sandy blew through but enough are now running to ease some of the pressure. Today I went exploring downtown,… Continue reading

Shelter from the Storm

* * * * *

Power to the trees

Today was a day of so many sights around town. I often find myself overwhelmed at how to arrange the incredible assortment of images which hit in short bursts of time and space.… Continue reading

Sandy, after dark . . .

Power outages have hit so I have to be quick! The FDR in my part of town is completely underwater. That’s six lanes of expressway gone quiet for now but Sandy’s strong, gusty… Continue reading

Waiting for Sandy . . .

What to say?  At the moment it is eerily quiet, the view is disappearing and the East River is rising. The FDR, six lanes of expressway, is closed to traffic apart from NYPD… Continue reading