Late Night Take Out

Quick and overdue catchup. The things that happen when you put your laptop to sleep only for it to never wake up ….. I tried safe starting it because every time I tried to start it I heard that dadada music intro, keyboard lights were on but no good.
Took it to the local Apple where they tried the same safe start, then they hooked it up to a PC screen, again a lot of nothing. It took longer than I thought but it was eventually mentioned that the machine is kind of, you know ……old. The wow being it lasted as long as it did.
Then came the next eventual suggestion about taking it to an Apple tech place but the thing is, the everything Apple wonder store that is NYC’s Tekserve is closing down soon. For old time’s sake and one last time I took it down there, maybe they had a magic trick or two but no, not happening, not worth the money for spare parts that went out of production way back in 2014. The nice young man suggested I try Mike’s, a new tech place a block away.
At Mike’s I met Tony. He plugged it into a PC (by this time I wasn’t bothering with too much of the breakdown history) and this time we had it up and running, my screenshot there just like old times. Back with friends! Talking about friends, Tony and I are now Instagram friends! He loves photography, he’s young and taking great shots already.
Now I’m not sure what to do next. I could go to Best Buy, buy a cheap monitor and hook the laptop up to that but that feels like resuc in an iron lung. Another laptop but wow here on the $$$ or maybe an iMac which has more bang for the buck but zero on the portability.
Meanwhile I’m here banging away on an unfamiliar iPad when I would happily do same on iPhone but dear old WP is a bit on the clunkier side of doing things there. Maybe it’s just me but I do so much on my phone – take shots, process there, post Instagram, FB, Tumblr, email etc etc. But WP? I want it to be so much better than it is particularly now as mobile is all I have and will have for the next few weeks while I’m travelling and deciding what to do next.
Whatever, love to hear any thoughts, suggestions, experiences you have had in this part of the woods and will do my best catching up with all your great posts. I know they’re out there!
Feel free to stop by Instagram and say hello if you’re there already, it’s an easy enough browse specially on mobile when it’s all I have at the moment.
I think this is more than enough for now, no idea what this post looks like so just going to go ahead, close my eyes, and press publish.
Summer wishes to everyone, catch up asap and big thank you to one and all!



Late night street scene, NYC.

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