Bill Cunningham Cnr

Scenes from today’s ceremony honoring Bill Cunningham, NYT’s fashion chronicler, life chronicler and NYC street photographer with 50 years shooting under his belt .

Bill died aged 87 on June 26.

A true legend I had the thrill of first seeing Mr Cunningham at work on the corner of 5th Ave and 57th St in the days after Hurricane Sandy swept through the city.  In his absolute natural element, always catching the tone of the day, the days that added up to a lifetime’s dedication to the changing sways of fashion’s many feathers.

In the thick of it but always at arm’s length, as invisible as possible, free forever –

“If you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do, kid.”

Back to today’s ceremony and the naming of Bill Cunningham Cnr where else but on the corner of 57th Ave and 5th Ave where a gathering of family, friends, colleagues, city familiars and bewildered wanderers happy to get their “only in New York fix” clapped and snapped as Bill passed into the municipal eternity that will forever be his patch in the city.




Tziporah Salamon and friends at Bill Cunningham Cnr NYC

Tziporah Salamon  with friends NYC

Suave man, Tziporah Salamon, Marjorie Stern

Marjorie Stern, Tziporah Salamon

5th Ave NYC crowd

Unveiling Bill Cunningham Cnr NYC

Bill Cunningham Cnr unveiled


Marjorie Stern, Tziporah Salamon

woman with photo of Bill Cunningham in her hat


Women in New York summer

John Kurdewan New York

John Kurdewan, above left, (and er, slightly out of focus …sorry) Bill’s assistant at the NYT’s. What was it like working for Bill? Find out here!

Interesting fact – Bill went digital at the age of 83.


Photographer in new york city crowd

Crowded Bill Cunningham cornerman and woman


His death leaves a big hole in the Sunday edition of the New York Times where he had two features in the Style section, the first dedicated to the latest fashion that week in the street, the second covering the night time glitz and glam of the city’s social mountains to climb.  Celebrity blind, it was all the same to Bill.

“The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been. Always will be.”

Bill Cunningham

1929 – 2016