Everyday People


Get your sunscreen and sunglasses on – strong, vibrant colours ahead!

Time for a leisurely stroll in the scorching hot Sunday sun down 5th Ave from 36th St to Christopher St in the Village for the parade that is NYC Pride – bright, beautiful, brash and in your face full of saturated colour whether you like it or not.

Into this colour mix add a more than generous dose of humanity and humility and it’s life lived large in all its variations, walking to the beat of one Pulse . . . .



Rev. Al Sharpton ©Patti Fogarty


City Hall Gay Pride 2016 marchers Al Sharpton, Bill de Blasio, Chirlene McCray

Bikini Girl NYC Pride 2016

Man in crowd NYC Pride 2016

Mother and baby NYC Pride 2016

NYPD officer NYC Pride 2016

Two Men and a Baby NYC Pride 2016

Balloons and rainbow sign in NYC Pride 2016 crowd

People in crowd at NYC pride 2016

Collegiate Church NYC pride 2016

Girl with water gun NYC Pride 2016

Rainbow flag from fire escape nyc pride 2016

All We need is Love sign in NYC pride 2016 crowd

Don't stop kissing t-shirts in NYC pride 2016 crowd

City Hall worker in nyc pride 2016 march

First Presbyterian water carrier nyc pride 2016

Water for NYC Pride 2016 marchers first Presbyterian

Older men grizzlies with colourful beards NYC pride 2016

Women in nyc pride 2016 blowing bubbles

Bare chested women in niece pride 2016 crowd

Woman thumbs up nays pride 2016 crowd

women in crowd niece pride 2016

NYPD officer with crowd NYC pride 2016 Christopher St


Crowd outside Stonewall Inn NYC pride 2016

man in NYC pride 2016 crowd with Ikoflex camera

Stonewall crowd NYC pride 2016

We Are Orlando signs NYC Pride 2016

NYPD officers NYC Pride 2016

Preacher waving outside church on Christopher St NYC pride 2016

Woman with mirror marching in NYC pride 2016

street crowd NYC pride 2016

NYC Pride 2016 Angel with wings and Peace flag

man NYC pride with flower head band

men in bar with rainbow flags NYC pride 2016

Chair on stoop with potted plants


This year, rather than take up a spot in the crowd to watch the parade pass by, I managed to march in the parade thanks to the generous inclusiveness of Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Hall gang.

That’s all for now folks and, repeating the word on the street for the day, albeit more than a little late, Happy Pride but hey it’s the thought that counts. Also here in the US now it’s wind down time in extreme as the country gets ready for the big Stars and Stripes that is the 4th of July so time to clear the Gay Pride deck and get ready for the next round of celebrations as observed on the sidelines with a camera.  Even if it does feel as though I’m the only one left in the city because everyone else is stuck in traffic getting out of the city to beaches and lakes where the big grills are calling and ready to be fired up for summer flag waving good times.

As usual these shots are straight out of camera because I am too tired and too lazy to fiddle further.

Good times everyone!