Stars and Stripes


Stripes, Man , Woman©PattiFogarty

Woman, sunglasses, stripes©PattiFogarty

NY Bag ©PattiFogarty

Pink Scarf, top and Hat

Stars Stripes 2©PattiFogarty

NY bus & Cap

Kentucky Stripes©PattiFogarty


Stars, stripes and NYC logos walking along a short stretch of Canal St recently – not that I went looking for them.  They simply came to light days later in the downloading.

Days like this I refer to as training runs, no set purpose photo-wise but with other errands to run I like to take my camera out and exercise the eye, reflexes etc while keeping on the move because I have to get somewhere.

But the real practice involves making myself stop just long enough to keep still enough so that I don’t miss out on the one I really wanted which is the one below of the boy in stripes washing the window with the tired cop in the background.  This was also the first shot in this particular series.

Nothing for it but to keep trying and keep it fun!

Window Cleaner©Patti Fogarty