Pro Beyonce©PattiFogarty

Protest Girls©PattiFogarty

Making statement ©PattiFogarty

Ariel Kohane



Ride the hoop©PattiFogarty

NYPD Bored ©Patti FogartyGetting the Shot©PattiFogarty

Cigar Sucker©PattiFogarty

TV Crew ©Patti Fogarty

Boy Skater ©Patti Fogarty

Star to the end ©Patti Fogarty

Hell No! ©PattiFogarty

Because ©PattiFogarty


Some shots from the recent anti Anti-Beyoncé protest which took place outside the NFL HQ on Park Ave.

Confused?  You bet!

A total of three anti Beyoncé protestors turned up (one by one) upset at Beyoncé’s half-time Super Bowl performance which invoked . . . Black Power!

“Too political, it’s football, not the place for protest!” Protestor Ariel Kohane (pics 5 & 11) saw it all later on the tv news and felt duty bound to come along and protest. “Where is everyone?” he wanted to know.  Asked about the offending lyrics, he couldn’t remember but was happy enough to google the information. He was a very patient man.

Black Panthers came out in support with T-Shirts.  Interestingly enough, after turning from the protest and taking the shot of the American flag being folded (pic #4), a security guard from the nearby Bank of America threw his umbrella in front of my camera – no shots allowed! You are kidding me, you think I can’t take photos in a public space when behind me are film crews from all the networks?

After this I went to my local diner for some coffee, eggs and potatoes.  Rosa, the waitress, asked what I’d been up to.  I told her about the Beyoncé NFL performance protest.

“Bah,” she said, “it was no good, I didn’t like it!

Welcome to morning in New York!