Back in the Blizzard

Lexington Ave ©PattiFogarty

134 St South Bronx©PattiFogarty


Bruckner Blvd South Bronx©PattiFogarty


Vintage car buried in snow with nearby graffiti south bronx

blinding snow and red rail fence, yello schhol bus

DNA Testing Blizzard©PattiFogartyBar & Grill©PattiFogartyEmpty Bridge©PattiFogartyWaving on the Bridge©PattiFogarty3rd Ave Bridge©PattiFogarty125 & Lex©PattiFogarty

Lex and 125 Blizzard

Blizzard Shopping©PattiFogarty


Some more shots from the recent January blizzard.  Starting in Manhattan (pic #1) I took the subway up to Mott Haven (pics 2-7) from where I walked back across the 3rd Avenue Bridge into Harlem (remainder pics).

I kept walking and shooting but this is enough for now.  It was rough out there and the plastic bag I rigged for the camera kept flapping about in the wild wind.  Settings seemed to change from one shot to the other, batteries died and I was grateful to find warmth, refuge and a power outlet in Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen Mott Haven where it was party time in the blizzard!  No photos here, camera battery recovering, phone re-charging.  Me waiting half asleep in the corner with an IPA before heading over the bridge from Mott Haven into Harlem.  And later into the night . . .