Around the Corner

Wines and liquors ©PattiFogarty

South Bronx vacant lot©PattiFogarty

Razor wire lot ©PattiFogarty

Take my photo ©PattiFogartyCome here ©PattiFogarty

Man with tire ©PattiFogarty

Ishmael_Miguel©PattiFogartyThree Amigos©PattiFogarty

What with Xmas, New Year, travel and loads of rain during a brief UK visit I have been very slack with the business of 
taking any photos (so so wet . . .) and keeping up with blogs.  Hoping to catch up now!

However I have been busy going through loads of old shots, trying to clear the shrinking space on the hard drive, keeping 
track of the external hard drives and what lives where.  You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Please say yes, tell 
me I'm not the only one.

Back now in overcast New York, external hard drives in action and making good friends with the mighty >delete< button and 
saying a big YES to clearing the trash.

As for these shots, apparently I took them in April 2015 which doesn't seem that long ago and particularly not after the 
long drawn out summer. They are the first shots of this wander through the South Bronx thinking it might be one vacant lot 
after the other, empty streets, who knows what. It's a different part of town, more in the way of heavy vehicle traffic 
than pedestrians.  But turn a corner and voila - people and not just any people but those lovely happy sorts who stop 
you and say 

"Hey, take my picture!"

And I just can't say no.

So thank you I. M. and C. even if C. had to be dragged into the frame.

Happy New Year everyone!