Strawberry Fields

Crowd of fans at Strawberry Fields

Father and baby in crowd at Strawberry Fields Central Park

Fan at Strawberry Fields with small bouquet

Lennon lookalike in crowd at Strawberry Fields



Mother to Be ©Patti FogartyBadge Peace Fan ©Patti FogartyMan with open hands Strawberry Fields

John Lennon fan at Strawberry Fields

Fred, John Lennon fan at Strawberry Fields

View of Strawberry Fields with red bushes

Only a little reluctant to admit it but I'm not that big a fan of Strawberry Fields in Central Park.  

Dedicated to the memory of John Lennon, it can get a little mawkish up there not to mention more than a little hostile 
what with the John panhandlers imagining pennies from heaven within their two hour time slots while keeping the flame 
glowing and the music coming. Along with the tips, generous or otherwise. 

Today, thirty-five years on from the murder of John Lennon, it was simply one crowd playing and singing together. 

One great song after the other.