Folsom Street

Man in leather and tights at Folsom Street Fair

Folsom St Cocktail crowd

Man wearing crown at Folsom St Fair



Ron Muncaster, costume designer, and Jenny at Folsom St Fair

Costume designer extraordinaire Ron Muncaster – “I have costumes in museums all over the world.”

Couple on Folsom looking lost in the oncoming crowd

Girls in Chain

Street portrait of man from Phoenix

“You don’t see that every day on the streets of Des Moines, Iowa!” said the man from Phoenix to me about a sight outside this frame. “I wouldn’t know, ” I said, “I’ve never been to Des Moines, Iowa.”  Don’t see that in New York either!

Couple dressed up at Folsom Street Fair. Him - leather, her - bikini.

People in line at Folsom Street Fair cash machine

Bright colours on Folsom

Bare chested men, pink wall, graffiti, Folsom St Fair


Not long back from a hectic time in San Francisco and now back to NYC where the weather has turned cold, wet and windy 
- perfect for hibernating in the peace of quiet time, catching up with everyone.

In the meantime, some random shots from the recent Folsom Street Fair - where leather and the lash combine to create 
heady times for aficionados and interesting observations for those of us who appear to have wandered in all the way 
from Des Moines, Iowa.