Building America – All The Way From The Bronx!

Vintage car in Hunts Point, the Bronx

Hunts Point, woman on step near sofa and tv on street

Yello school bus driver Hunts Point, the Bronx

Car driver waving, hunts Point, the bronx

Cash & Carry Hunts Point, the Bronx

Rooster in Hunts Point, the Bronx

Young man bottle sorter in the Bronx, Hunts Point

Man working in spare parts yard, hunt's point, the bronx, smiling

Metal yard in the bronx, hunts point

Men working in tyre yard, Hunts Point, the bronx

Hosing down builders rubble Hunts Point

Street in Hunts point, blue coffee cup, blue shopping cart, blue spray can, teddy delivery van

Patti and Martha sitting outside front of house

Martha driving me around Hunt's Point

River and projects from park, hunt's point, the bronx

Boat water feature in park, hunts point, the bronx

Martha inside Rocking the Boat with train going by, Hunts point, the bronx

Birthday party in boating park near river, hunts point, the bronx

Martha ppointing something out with train going by, Hunts Point, the bronx

What else do you do in the high heat of a muggy New York summer but . . .  take a walk around Hunts Point in the Bronx.

Hunts Point is now home to the Produce Market and the Fish Market which moved there from Fulton St in downtown NYC years 
ago. It also seems to be the epicentre of NYC's recycling universe, from earthworks at building sites, to bottles and 
cans, and anything to do with a broken down car now that Willets Point in Queens is being fazed out to make way for a 
monster mall. 

It also happens to be a neighbourhood where squatters come and go and where others have lived their whole lives.  After 
walking, walking, taking shots here and there - no-one said no, most happy enough to volunteer without being asked, I 
had the absolute pleasure of meeting P. and M. sitting on M's front steps, catching the cool of the shade in the heat 
of the day.

"You be careful walking around here." warned P. Where are the worst parts? I asked.  "Here!" she told me. OK!

Before I knew it, M. who has lived here her whole life, was ordering me into her car so she could take me to a park 
on the river where people have wedding parties and oh, where young kids are taught to build boats and row them on 
the river.  "You take pictures there. I drop you off, take them (passengers in the back seat, hello! hello!)where they 
need to go and I pick you up.  Ten minutes."  

Five minutes later and a quick meeting with someone from Rocking the Boat it was back in the car and a driving tour of 
schools, care homes, homeless shelters, convent, park, street art centre, Spanish restaurant.  Too busy talking, too 
busy listening.  So many reasons to go back and enjoy more of Hunts Point.

Thank you P. and thank you so much M.