Greetings from Coney Island

20150525-Star mother with boy©PattiFogarty-2

20150525-Tatt Ladies©PattiFogarty
20150525-Towel Guy©PattiFogarty
20150525-Do the Hustle©PattiFogarty

20150525-Bif Hair Boy with Friends©PattiFogarty


20150525-Greetings from Coney Island©PattiFogarty

20150525-Cougar Woman©PattiFogarty

20150525-Style Couple©PattiFogarty

20150525-Guy pushing cart©PattiFogarty

Memorial Day, blazing sunshine and the crowds hit Coney Island in a big splash of brilliant, super saturated colours.  
No place to hide and, after that long heavy winter, why would you even want to.