The Beautiful Bronx





Beethoven Pianos

Snow Bridge
Piano WireSide wall
School Bus BridgeMoving in
Z Graffiti Mott Haven
History Channel Glass Works Mott Haven

Mott Haven road signs
Hanging around Mott Haven

Overpasses merge
Bruxner Bar and Grill
What better farewell to winter than a fresh fall of spring snow?  Nothing for it but to get out and explore.

Today's walk began in the Bronx, wandering down around the Grand Concourse from 161st St and Franz Sigel Park 
down to Mott Haven.  From Mott Haven it was a walk across the 3rd St Bridge into Harlem at Lexington Avenue and 
129th St and down through Manhattan.

The above shots are all from Mott Haven, one of the many parts of the Bronx criss-crossed by roadways and overpasses 
carved into reality years ago by Robert Moses. Where still today the ghosts from then appear to hover . . .

Maybe it will snow again, who knows, but I thought winter was good while it lasted and I shall go into spring with 
fond memories behind me.  

And more than enough shots to be posting snow forever!