Stepping Out

Man with bus and Christmas Tree
This photo is why I loathe shopping. It's one thing to be out and about in the fresh air, 
maybe catch a photo or two, but throw in some shopping and it always gets in the way.

Some shopping however is inevitable and as I dragged myself up cold, windy First Avenue 
with cooking pans from Bed, Bath and Beyond, the bus pulled up beside me. 
The Christmas tree ran along aside almost anxious to catch the bus.  
The doors opened with the passengers having to step over the 
poor sad little orphan tree.  I wanted to get the shot with the doors open, 
this passenger stepping out and over en air with pointed toes, which he did do, (!) 
beside the athletic dancer from the Alvin Ailey poster.

Which of course didn't happen because I had the shopping and one hand free
to find the phone in the deep coat pocket etc . . . 

Have a great week-end everyone!