Seeing it Through

Through shapes of light and shadow

The idea of having a photographic project, or posting photos from a "series" has always intrigued me,
suggesting to me a discipline so sorely lacking in my chaotic rambling, snaps of snatch and grab from
wherever I happen to be.  I shall sort them out one day, there are potential projects lurking in the 
archives but then confusion and the familiar "who am I kidding?" feelings trickle through to reassert 
themselves and before I know it, I am back out on the streets shooting here, there and everywhere.  Again.

However, in all my time out there I have found a regular place of comfort, refuge, contemplation and 
companionship in the misunderstood art of aloneness.  Somewhere that never changes, so much so that it is
akin to stepping back in time to 1979.  No hipster frappes, no soft lounge/mood music and plenty of change 
out of a five dollar note.  Just coffee or tea and a donut for me with a window to the world passing by.
In the company of strangers to the soundtrack of an FM station playing all the hits.  I feel as though
I am sitting in a Stephen Shore photograph but really I am only sitting in a wipe down laminate, formica
Dunkin Donuts but, for some twisted illogical thread which perhaps goes back to my childhood (don't they 
all!) I feel as though I am in heaven!

And so from the heavenly heights that are the depths of the sociological realities of passing time I am
so excited to announce a PROJECT - The Lost Art of Aloness. Otherwise known as The View from Dunkin Donuts.

To be continued . . .