City of Angels

Concluding this edition of LA, the Long Walk Part 2 . . . .


Carmello and Manuel

Carmello and Manuel


American_Icons copy

Made in America


Greyhound bus parking

Bringing in the dogs


Woman crossing

Out there


Coco Basulto Boyle Heights



LA River tarin tracks

Railway tracks


LA River tracks and skyline

Distant skyline


LA river run

LA River – the long view.


Walking the wall of LA River

Climbing the wall


Sidewalk Tent


Man in car

“What are you doing down here alone?”
“Who wants to know?”
Sal works in the air treatment plant down by the river.


Bridge pylons

Under the Bridge


Arches copy

Man on bike

Delivery lot

Depot panorama

LA Gun Club

Risk Everything

Downtown Artist Space

Downtown Artist Space

Dragging luggage

Free TV at hotel

Larry and friends


Leonard, "I'm here most afternoons at this time!"

Leonard –  “I’m here most afternoons at this time!”

Chocolate - "It doesn't matter where you are, it doesn't mean nothing if you're not at peace.  I'm at peace."

Chocolate – “It doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t mean nothing if you’re not at peace. I’m at peace.”


Chocolate_3 copy

Chocolate_2 copy

Wasteland copy



I took these photos on a walk from downtown LA along 7th Street to the bridge over the LA River and back along 6th St, streets which go through Skid Row and old manufacturing areas, transport depots, you name it, the armpit stuff that keeps clothes on our backs, food on our shelves and everything in between.   And no I am not joking about the clothes – America Apparel has machines humming along churning out the cotton polyester right here in Downtown LA, right across the road from the golden arches of McDonald’s and the Greyhound depot where those silver blue dogs slip in and out in pursuit of the American Dream.

The people on the streets?  I see a community of sorts, individuals surviving on the rough edge of life. We can blame the government, corporations, we can do that forever! Somewhere within the dynamics of the Downtown revitalisation, care and acceptance work behind the scenes and maybe, just maybe we might see a level of improvement which might at least defy the odds of gentrification and make a good place even better for everyone . . . If you have ever wondered what it’s like to live by the LA River, here is one person’s brief account of her fifteen years by the River of Life.