LA Long Walk, Part 1

Want to come on a long walk through Los Angeles with me?  

The following shots are what I refer to as my GoPro stills, feeling perhaps a little too trigger happy
in taking far too many shots along the way wondering why perhaps I just don't stick a GoPro somewhere
on my head and be done with it.

Is it being greedy for moments, grabbing the here, there, everywhere, everything and everyone in my path
that is a sure sign of photographic weakness?  Perhaps, but what I do know is that downtown LA is changing 
at the rate of real estate knots with dusty vacant lots becoming building sites in no time while some of 
the faded glories of old LA are finally getting the love they have been denied for so long.

Enough of the talk, let's get on with the walk and maybe one day soon here we shall reach the fabled
Los Angeles River.  In the real time of this long day I did make it to the river and a little beyond. It was
hot, it was dirty and dusty but somehow it didn't matter.  There was after all plenty of company along the 

This part of the walk begins at the Central Library in downtown LA with a quick sprint through Pershing
Square and the Jewellery District before heading east, far east in a straight line all the way along
7th Street until just before we reach the river.

Let's go!

Tall man in crowd

Downtown Central Library

Sleeping library sun LA

Morning sun near Central Library

Pershing Square Shapes

Pershing Square

Pershing Square-2

Park Central


“You need some change?”
Apparently I was standing near a parking meter, Mauricio thought he could help me out.



El Dorado

We Sell Diamonds




Jeffrey, doing everything he can to get into modeling and film. He has some great shots to show and I hope he goes far!

Marilyn Rug

Marilyn will keep you warm.

Lady in Red

The face edging left of frame was heard to say “What the *&% is all that#”?

Lady in Red-2

and on her way to who knows where.

White hat

I can’t resist a strong white hat.

Jeremie 2

Jeremie, Superintendent for Skid Row Housing Trust

Darlene SRHT

Darlene, Skid Row Housing Trust

Felizia SRHT

Felizia, Skid Row Housing Trust


Fernando, Skid Row Housing Trust


7th Street Produce Market


Workers at the 7th Street Produce Market. Having made it this far without being told no I kept going . . .




Piling it up, 7th Street Produce Market.


The universal language of a smile when words are spoken in different languages.


Final shot of the produce market before Security finally caught up with me . . . The market has been in the news lately for poor hygiene practices but I was unaware of this then. I was welcome to apply at the nearby office for a photo permit but I shall save that for next time.

A rushed post and maybe with some more careful editing we might have made it to the river sooner than this
but then what is a destination without the journey?

Hope you join me for Part 2, week-end wishes to all!