Colour Bombs

Bright Eyes

Blue Hair

 Blue Plastic Family  
Bus Lady Lollipop  Tulips and Neon Washington Sq Yellow Dog Girl

Some shouts of colour from the streets of New York.  

I had intended to write a small photo essay on the comparative differences between colour and B&W 
photography but that shall have to wait another time, if at all.  Suddenly I have found myself in
a rush and not for the first time I ask myself "how did this happen?"  Time management is maybe
not my best skill . . . 

Once upon a not so long a time ago the choice was limited to either B&W or colour film rolls but
then digital came along to open up the world of choice to the point where we can have both, and
so much more (layers etc) with the one shot.

As someone who slopes about town here, there and everywhere in "boring black" the confrontations
with dashing bursts of colour leave me with little choice but to stop, shoot and leave them to 
enjoy the full light of day. Or night.

The end of another hot, steamy week . . . .

Wishing you all a wonderful week-end, keep cool!